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Ok Zuckerberg.
LOVE the new Subscribe feature. (I’m one of many, many who couldn’t seem to find the time to draw a ring around any Google+ circles.)
Not quite sure, however, if I’m comfortable having you and your Facebook minions determine exactly what constitutes a “Life Event” for me and my “friends.” So, I’ve been culling through my newsfeed x-ing out people right and left. When I click “Life Event,” what exactly happens? I mean, I’m not able to classify something as a “Life Event” when I post something. So, when my friend Flicka posts an update that includes the phrase ” . . . I want to really divorce myself from all things mundane . . .” are you actually parsing the status and deciding to show me this one from Flicka? Or, are you only going to show me her status when Flicka changes her profile to “In a relationship . . . with Golden Retrievers?!”
Please explain.

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