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Photoshop has been by far the most challenging stop on my multimedia journey.  I have always thought of myself as graphically savvy, visual and creative. After several frustrating hours of trying to grasp the layers concept in Photoshop and experimenting with filters and effects,  I completed the assignments to “design like Barbara” and “design like Shepard.”

My mastery of Photoshop was amateur, at best.  But, I thought about how,  in the early days of computers, the goal was to make a personal computer as easy to use as a toaster.  We’ve come a long way in bringing knowledge to the masses with graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and we’ve certainly enriched the minds of many with the multitudes of tools, widgets, wikis and gizmos.

There’s a lot more to “making toast,” than pushing down a handle with Photoshop. But, hey, with a little bit of time, patience and practice, it’s amazing what an amateur can do.

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